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The Carpet Cleaning Job That Was Pronounced Dead At The Scene 

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Throughout our time carpet cleaning in North & South Lanarkshire we Rarely come across jobs that are beyond our help. We have industry leading machinery but, we as yet cant bring the dead back to life. To be honest the pictures enclosed are a prime example of this. Years of neglect and abuse of carpets means we cant clean them to a standard we would be happy to charge a customer for, infact our advice on this job was simple.....buy new carpets !!! We love our job and the Satisfaction that come with it, but sometimes youve got to admit defeat and this job beat us like a carpet beater would !! To be honest this is a unique example but one i thought worth bringing up. Gratefully most of our customers carpets just need a freshen up and a clean. So if you have a carpet like the one in the picture, dont call us....call the cleansing department for a pick up! "No Carpet cleaning Equipment was harmed in the making of this post" www.247cleaningcompany.net